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General Discussion » Scheduled cleaning » 2/10/2022 8:08 pm

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I looked at the prices, and the interesting thing I learned for myself is how different the prices are from state to state. And you know at the recycling of scrap metal can make a very good profit. 

General Discussion » Messenger vulnerability » 1/29/2022 9:10 am

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Hi, did you happen to use WhatsApp? This messenger has found vulnerabilities that could allow a hacker or other malicious user to get hold of your personal data. They tried to fix this vulnerability in iOS, but on android, the vulnerability remains. This problem can be solved by modifying yowhatsapp that solves the performance and security problem. The modification also supports most smartphone models on the Android operating system

General Discussion » choice of travel destination » 1/23/2022 9:58 am

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Hi all, has anyone traveled to India before? My friends and I are thinking about where better to go India or Indonesia. Any advice? 

General Discussion » Emotional burnout » 12/25/2021 9:01 pm

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Hi all, I've been trading for a couple of years now and gradually I noticed that I'm getting emotionally burned out due to the moral burden. How do you cope with the growing emotional strain?

General Discussion » Lightweight games » 12/18/2021 5:02 pm

There are no lightweight games at all because when you download even the lightest game, the first update will increase the size of the game several times over. You'll have to uninstall apps you don't need or clear space for photos and other files. Another option is to play browser games https://www.friv5online.com/ Yes, yes, you heard me. Browser games do not need to be installed and are easily run from your browser. There is only one but you need a stable Internet connection as when you turn off the internet lose access to the games. 

General Discussion » Book adaptations » 12/05/2021 3:45 am

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Cthulhu is the best! I collect Howard Lovecraft books, too, and by the way, Call of Cthulhu. was the first book I ever read. But I'm just at the beginning of my journey, I didn't even know about screen books.

General Discussion » A new experience. » 11/23/2021 4:29 am

Hi all, my girlfriend wants to take her sensitivity to the next level. But how do you do it without taking pills? 

General Discussion » Vehicle recovery » 11/21/2021 11:21 am

Hi all, purchased a used Brabus G800 last month. Just got around to doing the car. I want to restore it as I bought it with some damage. How much do you think the parts will cost to rebuild?

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