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General Discussion » How to revise a paper? » 7/08/2021 4:08 am

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When you are revising your paper, this tip cannot be ignored. Make sure you support all your arguments and claims with real and strong evidence. When you have finished writing your paper, check whether your evidence is weak or strong. Find the refuting argument or evidence to see which one is stronger. In order to make your evidence and arguments strong enough, keep on reading this article.Remember that revision is only the first stage of paper improvement. When you are done with revision, you will still have to edit and proofread your paper. That is why so as not to waste your time spelling mistakes can be ignored at the stage of revision. This tip can be used only if you know that you will still have enough time for editing and proofreading. In case you are running of time, you should combine revision and editing. After you restructure certain statements, edit the text. You can find more tips on how to revise a paper here https://essaysservice.com/helpful-tips-on-revising-your-paper.html

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