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General Discussion » Dordle - New Free Online Game for Challenge Lovers » 5/12/2022 4:39 am

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The Dordle game is a popular variation on the classic Word Hurdle game. You must guess two words at the same time, unlike the original game. Your words are entered into two fields at the same time in this game, which is played on a double field. You have six chances to figure out which two words are buried in the game, as usual.Dordle is very similar to Word Hurdle, but with some differences. There are two words hidden in the game at once, and for each word there is a separate field of 6 lines. You need to enter your words to get hints. Press the Enter button after typing the first word, which should have the same amount of letters as the squares in one line (between 4 and 6 letters depending on the parameters). The term will be entered simultaneously in both the left and right fields.The letters of the entered word will now change color in both areas, but most likely in different ways. This is due to the fact that these colors represent hints to the hidden word. The clues are different because the words are different.

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