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General Discussion » How coupons can benefit you and your customers » 12/11/2021 9:13 am

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Attracting and retaining clients is critical for small business success. But it's not always easy to tell which marketing strategies work best for your firm. Many businesses use a similar tactic to attract new consumers and thank existing ones by delivering coupons with special offers and discounts.

Contrary to popular belief, correct performance can help you improve revenue while establishing a loyal consumer base. In fact, according to a recent Askmeoffers survey, 61% of shoppers would not buy a coupon and 84% would return to a store that offered one. If you want to market and grow your business, the following advice might help you create a profitable coupon plan. How to plan your company's coupon strategy 

1. Make a sweet offer 
Remember that a coupon is only valuable if it matters to the consumer. Before launching a coupon campaign, do your homework and research the market. Moreover, since your goal is to influence your clients' behaviour, your offer should be based on the desired outcomes. For example, if most of your sales are in-store and you want to promote online orders, consider offering free delivery or a percent off discount code, as Askmeoffers and CouponsABC do. 

2. Disseminate via several means 
Finding a coupon is not a marketing tactic. In an ideal world, every potential buyer would be found. Consider using direct mail, email, and social media to reach clients in addition to websites and print media. The wide net lets you keep up with folks who don't actively look for deals. 

3. Switch coupons 
Notably, coupons are a terrific way to promote your business and draw attention to your logo, photos, or graphics. Visually appealing coupons are more likely to be noticed by potential customers. If you are on a budget, several web tools allow you to produce professional designs for free. Alternatively, yo

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