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4/29/2022 2:05 pm  #1

Grill for the family

Friends! Tell me which grill to choose. Family of 3, mostly for family lunches and dinners, but occasionally guests. What is better to see?


4/29/2022 3:04 pm  #2

Re: Grill for the family

It all depends on your wallet. The easiest way is to buy a simple brazier with skewers, in principle, it is considered one of the best. And if money allows, you can buy a barbecue.


4/30/2022 2:20 am  #3

Re: Grill for the family

 In general, there is a difference, depending on what you are going to cook, but for standard meat, an ordinary barbecue with skewers is enough, but if you want to cook fish or sausages, then barbecue is best here.

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5/01/2022 3:39 pm  #4

Re: Grill for the family



5/02/2022 3:35 am  #5

Re: Grill for the family

Gas grills are very easy to use. I took this option for going out into nature. I have a small model, but it is enough for me. There are also regular charcoal grills, look at the Everest website https://www.everest.com/how-we-give-back  If you pick something up, I can tell you how you can buy goods with a discount and free shipping with the help of a caliber membership.


5/04/2022 3:32 am  #6

Re: Grill for the family

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8/02/2022 2:34 am  #8

Re: Grill for the family

Yeah It necessary


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