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Writing is not just a task of transposing ideas into words. It is a complex cognitive process that starts as soon as we begin to take notes, to organize them more or less formally in a plan, well before we begin to compose the text.
A text is a coherent sequence of ideas on a theme, which represents knowledge organized in the author's head. Its function is to allow a reader to reconstruct a similar organization of knowledge. However, from the author's point of view, writing can also be an act of learning, because this task forces to write my college paper and one to find a way to relate knowledge to each other and to create a structure where previously there could only be a collection of disparate or poorly connected ideas. This is especially true when one has to talk about a subject one has never spoken about before.
Generally speaking, an essay has an introduction, a development and a conclusion. Here is what characterizes each:
The introduction informs the reader of the topic, the aspects of it, and outlines the plan that will be followed in the development.
At the heart of the work, the development exposes and discusses, proves, refutes or argues all the ideas. The qualities of a good development are clarity, logic and continuity in the progression of ideas.
The conclusion synthesizes the ideas put forward, or provides an answer or opens up new perspectives.
In the case of the reading report, both parts (literature review and personal statement) also have their own introduction, development and conclusion.
The two aspects of writing that we deal with here are composition and revision. As we hinted at in the metacognitive activity Personal Process, there are many ways of writing, corresponding to different ways of arranging the basic operations of the process. A given individual probably has a characteristic sequence, but this does not exclude the possibility that he or she may use another, depending on his or her perception of the characteristics of the task, his or her working environment, the text already produced, etc. Thus, the following suggestions are general and apply mutatis mutandis to all approaches.
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