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How to Ensure Verb-tense Consistency in Autobiography? A Guide

Autobiography is a type of writing in which the writer explains his life story. It is termed as the written record of someone's life. Instead of any other writer, the author explains every important event of his life through his pen and words. The author can write it in the form of fiction, novel, or stories. For better understanding, hiring a custom essay writing service can help a lot.


The explained story reflects the life events of the life of the author. Many people do not know how to write an autobiography. It is not a difficult task if you are aware of its writing style and techniques.

In the case of an autobiography, you can still request anyone to ‘write my essay’ but it is advised that you write it yourself. You can write an autobiography if you are aware of how to ensure verb-tense consistency in it. Some of the guidelines to maintain verb-tense consistency in autobiography are as follows:

Controlling Shifts

Autobiographies generally involve narration of the story. Sometimes anecdotes or hypothetical scenarios are used for the illustration of different points in the autobiography. Autobiographies use the time frames to discuss different actions and events. Verb tense changes with the shift of narration from one event to another, it increases the understanding of the readers.

But if you are making a shift in tenses without any requirement, it will lead to confusion. A good way to maintain verb-tense consistency is to maintain one tense. Make a shift in tense if you are changing a time frame. Use either present or simple past tense. Verb tenses should be applied consistently even if you are not narrating a story.


  •         Use past tense when you are narrating an event or historical entities in an autobiography.
  •         Always use present tense when you are explaining the facts, habitual actions, and your ideas about anything. To refer to any movie or literary work present tense will be used. If you are narrating an event in the present tense, remain consistent in it without making unnecessary shifts.
  •         Future must be discussed by using a will, shall, tomorrow, is going to be and other adverbs of the time.

For better understanding, work with an essay writing service and get started with your autobiography.

Usage of Tenses in Conjunction

It is not an easy task in simple tenses to distinguish present or any progressive tenses from the simple tenses. If your prime narration is in the present form, the present perfect or progressive tense will be used to express that action that has been or is underway. It is used when you describe any novel, fictional piece, or movie.

This conjunction can be used when you are narrating a future time frame. Never mix two tenses without using conjunction between them.

Usage of Perfect Tenses

The usage of the perfect tense depends upon the association of tense to the prime narration. You are primarily narrating in the past tense; the action discussed is the different time frame from that prime narration would be in the past tense. If you are primarily narrating anything in the present tense, then the action discussed before the time frame of that narration would be in the present perfect tense. 

If the prime narration of an event is future tense, then the action, which has been discussed before the time frame of that narration, would be in the future tense. 

There are many words like after, before, by time, etc., which are used to associate multiple actions together. The usage of these words is the best indicator for the use of the perfect-tense verb in the paragraph. A good essay writer or simple writer is one who maintains verb-tense consistency in the paper.


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