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11/23/2022 8:17 am  #1

What are some interesting facts about Mount Everest climbers?

The most interesting fact is that they are literally carried to the top of Everest by the Sherpas. Climbing Everest is hard. The lack of oxygen makes it extremely hard to function in the high altitude. Combine that with strong chilling winds, deep crevasses and steep slopes, it really is hard.

But one interesting thing is that Sherpas do everything from carrying their kits, guiding the foreign climbers, fixing the ropes and even cooking food for them. And when they experience some health issues, Sherpas carry them of their backs. So basically Sherpas carry them like a baby to the Everest.

And then these climbers move to their countries and become motivational speakers. They tell tales about how fearlessly they climbed the Everest like a real adventurer. Don’t get me wrong. There are many skillful foreign climbers who climb the Everest without becoming much of a burden to the Sherpas. These foreign climbers are highly skilled and have a good experience in mountaineering. They become an asset to the climbing team. But there are also too many foreign tourists who just pay the money and expect Sherpas to carry them to top of the Everest on their backs.

My suggestion is that develop some mountaineering skills and climb some less challenging mountains. Gain some experience and then only after that, try Everest. Don’t go to Everest to become burden for Sherpas but go there to become a valuable asset to the climbing team.

And lastly, Unless they are experienced Mountaineers, please donot believe the tales of those MOTIVATIONAL speakers.


11/24/2022 7:54 am  #2

Re: What are some interesting facts about Mount Everest climbers?

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Re: What are some interesting facts about Mount Everest climbers?

Its me a new experience for last year amazing.


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