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11/24/2022 6:51 am  #1

Seeking For The Appropriate Software.

Hello, I'm new here. How are things going?
Since I've had this amazing vision for a while and I can't ignore it any longer, I'm going to invest in a video production services company and learn how to animate.
Due to my project involving video, I was fumbling around with Adobe Aftereffects, but I soon realized it's not designed for frame-by-frame animation.
In essence, my plan is to enhance the "scribble effect" and combine it with frame-by-frame animation.
I'm looking for individuals with experience in various programs who can advise me on where to start my learning.
I'm looking for the following features in order of importance:
sketch on video
an onion skin
similar to the Photoshop "anchor point pen" (better for drawing on the mouse)
various colors, textures, layers, brushes, etc.
(I just want to note that I don't need fancy video editing software because I don't intend to use the video in any way other than how I would use an onion skin.)
 Thank you for reading this far; I value your comments.

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11/24/2022 10:05 pm  #2

Re: Seeking For The Appropriate Software.

I hope you keep providing valuable content to the neighborhood. I want to let you know about a brand-new gaming category that I've discovered. A retro games is one that offers classic gameplay and is available whenever you want to play it.


11/28/2022 2:11 am  #3

Re: Seeking For The Appropriate Software.

Thanks this helps me quite a lot.


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