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Write a Problem and Solution Essay- Guide 2021

Problem and Solution essays are one of the most common types of essays found on the English Language tests. This type of Dissertation Writing Services will test your ability to present a problem and then write about how that problem could be solved using concrete examples. The Problem and Solution essay typically has an introduction, body paragraphs that describe the problem, how it can be solved, and finally an example solution.

 Students often have difficulty with this type of essay as they need to take their general information from sources into manageable information and then find supporting evidence for their argument in the source material. In addition students also need to remember not only what is written in the source material but also keep track of both what they think is important for their essay as well as try to remember what they have already written down in the essay.

Steps to writing a Problem and Solution Essay

Step 1: Write an Outline 
Step 2: Introduce Your Topic 
Step 3: Present the problem 
Step 4: Describe how to solve the problem 
Step 5: Provide an example solution Conclusion
Here is an example of a problem and solution essay written in response to an article found on the BBC website and thesis writing service. Please note that this student does not use all of the five steps described above but it should help you get a rough idea about how the structure works. The following is also available as Microsoft Word file for download HERE 
The next section will describe each step in greater detail.

While this may seem redundant to some people, it is always good to have an outline when writing anything particularly if there are many things that you need to remember while writing your essay. This allows you to quickly move from one point or evidence to another without having to spend any extra time thinking about what should come next. If you are not sure about how to go about writing an outline, have a look at our guide on How To Write An Essay And Outline .
The Student’s essay starts with an introduction that briefly states the purpose of the essay and then moves into the introductory paragraph describing what is meant by problem and solutions essays. This student refers to such essays as “…one of the most common types of essays used in English exams…” which can be very useful for improving one’s vocabulary. The last part of this sentence also shows a buy dissertation of transition words (whilst) as well as some causal language (because). While all of these may seem like minor things, it can really improve your essay’s flow and readability. In addition, the student identifies that there are five steps to writing a problem and solution essay.
The introduction should clearly state what you are discussing in your essay so that your reader knows right from the start what they might expect when reading your article. As mentioned above, students often have difficulty with this type of essay because they do not know how to present their issue or describe a problem as well as how to solve it but thankfully there is usually some information given by the examination board on how to go about writing such an essay. Make sure you use any guidance provided by the board in order to get started.
In this example, the student clearly states what the essay is about. The introduction then moves on to describe what a problem and solutions essay is as well as how this type of essay must be structured. This description should give your reader an idea of what they can expect to see from your essay.
There should be two specific problems or issues in each main point in order for it to qualify as a good problem/solution topic. It is difficult to choose a suitable problem if you have not given much thought beforehand, so it may help to use strategies suggested by teachers such as reading different newspapers and magazines for possible topics or paying attention when watching television or listening to radio programs.
The Problem and Solution essay is often used to describe a problem in the world, but it can also be used as an introduction for dissertation writers topic or idea. It’s important that you find your voice when writing this type of paper because each writer has their own style and unique perspective on the matter at hand.


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