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3/31/2022 9:30 am  #1

Tips on Writing a Great Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay, unlike other rhetorical essays, doesn’t weigh on the writer’s analytical and reasoning skills. It brings forth the writer’s creative writing skills more than anything else. It uses all of the creative writing tools in its description of a scene, a thing, or a scenario. 
Descriptive Essays are familiar to Narrative essays in their use of creative writing. Narrative essays go one step further and involve the reader’s past experiences but in a Descriptive Essay, you are allowed to describe your subject without including any personal experiences. 
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Make use of all the senses
Your job as the writer is to evoke in the reader all the senses while describing your subject. The sense of sight and sound is easier to bring out in the writing, as one is most accustomed to these senses in writing and reading. The sense of smell, taste, and touch can go further in cementing the visual description in the readers’ minds.
Interacting with the surrounding of your piece will give you the opportunity to do this very well. You hear the soft humming of the bus engine, the vibrations against the rubber sear, the smell of cheese from your someone’s lunch box, etc.
Show rather than tell 
It’s always better to show the reader what you want them to see, hear, and feel rather than telling them about it. When you tell the scene, you narrate a description to someone you leave them outside of the world you have created. While showing involves making the narrator standing in the middle and weaving a world of colors, sounds, and textures around them. You can also get assistance from an essay writer as well regarding it.
Use the active voice instead of a passive one
Active voice sentences tend to be clearer and less prone to complications. The subject does stuff in the active voice while the action is done upon a subject in passive. The active voice also allows for a quick pace to the narration. 
Active voice also allows you to write with strong verbs that don’t require adverbs. It makes the description come alive with the right emphasis on the objects rather than the speech.
Underdoing and overdoing details
Knowing how much detail and description there has to be with each object of the scene comes with practice. Describe the scene you are in using auditory and visual clues, and you should describe the object that you interact with using a full range of senses. 
The description of the scene shouldn’t be short to lead to a lack of material for the reader to imagine However, you shouldn’t put too much detail into it as to elongate the passage and bore the reader. 
The objects that you interact with should be described in potent and powerful descriptions. A good word choice will help you a lot in this activity. Never add extra detail to an action that happens quickly. 
Prewriting and Revision 
Before you write, it is important to give yourself an outline to follow. It will give you a greater creative boost to work with some sort of anchor to come back to. The prewriting phase should be identifying the contents of the essay that are important and on which you need to spend a lot of time on. 
Revision and review will make your essay much better in terms of its writing and its creative ability. Here you can make your sentences more visually powerful while getting rid of the dead weight. It will allow you to see if you have missed any of the tips mentioned above. Get assistance from essay writer service if having troubles while writing.  


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Re: Tips on Writing a Great Descriptive Essay

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