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4/30/2022 12:15 am  #21

Re: Emotional burnout

I have little programming experience to decide which direction I want to take. Is this book suitable for beginners?


4/30/2022 5:58 am  #22

Re: Emotional burnout

good work mate here keep i tu.


5/01/2022 3:38 pm  #23

Re: Emotional burnout



5/02/2022 3:23 am  #24

Re: Emotional burnout

Oh, it's very bad when burnout occurs...


5/11/2022 12:38 pm  #25

Re: Emotional burnout

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5/12/2022 4:44 am  #26

Re: Emotional burnout

You can go travelling, play online game or camping...


5/13/2022 12:14 pm  #27

Re: Emotional burnout

 to worry, it's a part of life, don't give, if you feel stressed divert your mind to your favorite things, do things that make you happy, I also do these things and feel better, and I also take 


5/13/2022 2:03 pm  #28

Re: Emotional burnout

Thank you for sharing this information.  


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